At 15, Kortney Olson had everything in front of her. The associated student body president, drumming in a Christian rock band, a leader on the Youth City Council and prospects of a full ride scholarship to Stanford. But all of that was thrown away the day she discovered methamphetamines.

In her author debut, Kortney Olson takes you on a hold-on-to-your-seat drive through her rise to lead a global clothing revolution from the deepest, darkest points a human can experience. Join Kortney on her journey from the depths of alcohol and narcotics addictions and rape, to global entrepreneurship and self love.

Through an addiction fueled childhood of stolen self love, surviving rape, to building a billion-dollar brand, Kortney has done the dirty work and learned things the hard way. SO now she’s sharing what she learned so you can not only beat your trauma, but f*cking thrive.

Crushing It is a masterpiece memoir showing you how to take back your power and learn to love yourself no matter the odds. No more excuses. Kortney’s not only owning it, she’s wearing it and sharing it with pride.

She has been there. She has suffered. She has triumphed.

And now so can you.